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data system is a first-person, exploration art game with an average game play time from 10 to 30 minutes since it is created to be exhibited as an interactive new media arts work. It exists both as a video game and an artistic proposal.

In data system, users are required to explore a digital virtual space, the purpose and function of which are unknown to them. With the system’s motives being unclear, players proceed with their choices without knowing where they are leading them. The work was fueled by the idea of the benefits and the risks that arise due to the traces we leave behind, unbeknownst to us by using various online platforms and services.

 By playing the game you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the Data Policy. 



We collect information about users' (referred as "user" or "you") in game activity (referred as "in-game data")  to help us detect and solve technical issues of the game as well as improve its performance. Such information includes:

  • the name you enter
  • in game activity such as timestamps, interactions, game play time etc
  • any other information you choose to provide such as answers to questions etc.

In-game data is only collected and sent to us when a user finishes a run.


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